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As Gary Lineker aptly put it last night, “Lichsteiner is an unbelievably irritating human being.”. This is example one of many displays of his charades last night, of course. I have to say, I watched the game again this afternoon since I recorded it and my frustration has only increased from what it was last night. Fans weren’t just caught up in the heat of the moment in their anger at much of the decision making across the entire 90+ minutes, the word ‘questionable’ would be an understatement. 

Regardless of whether Celtic will be playing purely just for pride or something more (as out of grasp as it may be) in the second leg, Sammy will be back and Juve have stated he’s the player to be wary of the most. I’d love to see this guy try to manhandle him in the box the way they all did when defending set-pieces last night and particularly against Hooper, Sammy will tower over the lot of them. In 2001 when Celtic and Juve previously crossed paths, they conceded a penalty with the exact same antics against Sutton - why wasn’t it a penalty last night after repeated incidents time and time again then? Have the rules changed or am I missing something here? The referee and the rest of the officials had a howler of a game, however so did Ambrose for us. The fact of the matter is that he shouldn’t have started no matter how much he told Lennon he felt up for it, it was simply too big an occasion to be taking risks - there’s absolutely no doubt that he’s a talented player and every Celtic fan knows that he is, but the guy won the ACON with Nigeria only 48 hours beforehand and arrived back in Glasgow just yesterday morning after a long flight back. Juve’s goals should have been easily defended and they weren’t, end of. Going by the stats we were superior in every other aspect of the game but errors at the back proved to be the deciding factor in not getting a result, that’s just football for you.

I do think it’s a wee bit distasteful though for Commons to have hit out publicly blaming Ambrose and a select few other unnamed players, it seems unsavoury for other members of the team to be singling out their fellow teammates to the media - let the manager stick to that if anything needs to be said, which it has been anyway. Perhaps what Commons needs to remember is that Celtic scored zero; yes it was defensive errors which caused us to concede but also a lack of quality finishing from the players up front (no matter how many shots we had, which was a lot) that prevented us from issuing a response to their lead, therefore no individual should be taking the moral highground or displaying any kind of attitude here. 

In non-seriousness (although it would be nice), I hope Samaras single-handedly annihilates the lot of them in Turin with a hattrick before halftime and Hooper scores a winner at 80-odd minutes. One can dream eh? Saying that, strange things do happen. If the Champions League journey ends in Italy which it probably-but-still-hopefully-by-some-miracle-won’t, then it’ll have been a hugely successful campaign regardless. ‘Mon the Hoops, as always.